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Workforce drops his ‘Your Moves’ EP on Exit Records


Next up for release on Exit Records is Jack Stevens aka Workforce who rejoins the family, ten years after his previous moniker SpectraSoul delivered the classic ‘Melodies / Insignia’ release.

The ‘Your Moves’ EP will be Workforce’s third release overall and the first release to appear on a different label other than his native, Must Make Music outlet.

In a short time, Workforce has already carved out a strong identity with the music he is releasing. There are values, details and characteristics that set his work apart from anyone else. This singularity is of course underpinned by a sense of function, a thread that connects all of his work.

On his ‘Your Move’s EP, we are given six tracks that further the Workforce mission, a confident and assured release from Jack Stevens that will no doubt be held in as high regard from peers and listeners alike.

Our premiere today is the brilliant ‘Doughy’ which starts off with some delicate keys before the rolling drums kick in, followed by a lovely vocal, then comes the first drop. The track then rolls on with a deep bassline, gently building as it flows. This is soulful, liquid gold!

Workforce’s ‘Your Moves’ EP lands on Exit Records on 13th December. Check out ‘Doughy’ below and grab the EP from here


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