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Wooflet drops ‘Second To None’ EP on SINE Audio


Sitting right on the cutting edge of Drum & Bass sonics is SINE Audio‘s latest label signee – and first North American artist on the imprint – Wooflet. Taking the unadulterated grit of the Drum & Bass formula we know and love, and the wider-reaching sound design and musical influences that set him apart, Wooflet’s sound is one that continues to astound with each listen. SINE feel they are very fortunate to have him touch down on the label with the impeccable ‘Second To None’ EP, featuring a returning MC to SINE Audio, London-based wordsmith Bazil MC.

Could this be the perfect EP intro? ‘Temptations’ begins proceedings with the repeated vocal line ‘I know what you want’ alongside creepy atmospherics, before being rudely interrupted by robotic synths, techy drums and a disturbing growl that acts as the foundation behind this tune’s enduring ruthlessness. What do we want? More of this for sure!

Rolling drums lead the next track ‘Second To None’ in a different direction, led by the ingeniously processed male vocal line and backed up by a twisting, modulating sub. It’s the perfect composite of melodics and weightiness, and one that perfectly sums up Wooflet’s intentions in this game. The perfect blend of sub-genres and external influences to play in any set.

Teaming up with a SINE favourite Bazil MC, track three is what can only be described as a steppy, vocal-led foghorn warper. Not the foghorns of yesterday, however, the bass sound design is closely dialled in and formulated, while simultaneously uncontrollable and frenzied, ready to decimate any dancefloor it touches. The biggest rave weapon of the EP.

The final track ‘Persevere’ is about as liquid as we’re getting from Wooflet on SINE Audio, led by an intricate, interconnecting web of melody, and supported by the usual weight we now know to expect from his productions. The devil is most definitely in the details, yet they seemingly blend away into a blanket of musical ingenuity through scattering hats, metallic snares and moving synths.

Today we premiere ‘Persevere’ which is below for you to check out. Wooflet’s ‘Second To None’ EP dropped on 26th August on Beatport and Spotify, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Second To None cover

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