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Vocalist flowanastasia drops debut release ‘Sending Signals’


You may know flowanastasia as the featured vocalist on many Drum & Bass tracks, including collaborations with Enei, GLXY, and Telomic, and releases on top labels like RAM, Critical, Viper, Shogun, and Liquicity

She’s been writing and recording topline vocals for almost a decade, primarily under her previous artist name “Anastasia”, which was changed to “flowanastasia” in 2021. 

flowanastasia artwork

Now, she’s getting ready to release her debut album ‘Face Yourself’! It’s the first album under her direct creative control, coming out on Toronto label Deviant Audio (founded by STRANJAH) this autumn.  

‘Sending Signals’ is the first single from her EP. It’s a collaboration with producer Tyr Kohout and features custom artwork from illustrator Vytautas Bikauskas, it was also created with the support of the City of Toronto through Toronto Arts Council. The track is coming out on 19th May, but you can listen to it here first!

‘Sending Signals’ interweaves flowanastasia’s vocals in a bouncy funk vibe – with a commercial dancefloor sound that doesn’t follow the traditional Drum & Bass formula, taking the listener on a constantly evolving journey. The track highlights Tyr Kohout’s excellence in 3D sound design, flowanastasia’s dulcet tones punching through the mix, and a cascading call and response in the basslines. ‘Sending Signals’ will also be the focus of a Remix Competition this summer, make sure you check back here for more details coming soon!

Today we premiere this glorious track. As mentioned there’s loads to come over the following months from flowanastasia so keep your eyes and ears open!

Check out flowanastasia X Try Kohout ‘Sending Signals’ below. In advance of the release on 19th May, ‘Sending Signals’ is now available to purchase exclusively on Bandcamp, go to the purchase link beneath the Soundcloud player!


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