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Viper set to drop ‘Acts Of Mad Men’ Volume 2


‘Acts of Mad Men’ was a release which put Viper Recordings up into the drum & bass trophy cabinet. Released ten years prior, it featured some of the biggest anthems to come through the genre in one of its formative periods, defining itself as a pivotal part of the Viper Recordings expansion and proving why they’ve become an critical part of dance music’s history. The label, led by Futurebound, are bringing with them another jampacked ‘Acts of Mad Men’ LP, featuring a load of heavyweight exclusives.

When listening to the album, you’ll be introduced to the sounds of Ekko & Sidetrack through their breakthrough track ‘Let The Light In’ ft Reija Lee, now brought through the more contemporary lens of 2020. ‘Only Love’ from Loko follows suit, with the frequent Viper guest demonstrating why he’s a staple on their books. The bossman Futurebound pulls out his undisputed weight on ‘Screwface’, alongside Kronology and Dutch maestros NCT. Polygon’s ‘Drift Away’ underlines how he’s entered Viper’s ranks as part of its new era, while Aymen Valentino‘s ‘Feeling You’ ft. Ami Carmine, Madface’s ‘Never See You Again’ and Showdown’s ‘Infinity’ draw the album to a close; ‘Feeling You’ from Aymen Valentino pushes a more euphoric ending, alongside the club prowess of newcomer Showdown’s ‘Infinity’ and Madface’s growling underbelly on ‘Never See You Again’. All this and a hell of a lot more music, which echoes the diversity showcased across the album.

When looking at the achievements of the original LP as well as its curator, Futurebound, its second volume was sure to build on this success. It also begins a new age for Viper, as it enters the next 15 years of its journey.

Our premiere today is Dossa & Locuzzed’s ‘Grains’ which is given the full VIP treatment, following their seminal ‘Resonate’ LP on Viper Recordings. New life is breathed into the much-loved original and the Viennese duo draw for their funkier elements when relooking at the composition of ‘Grains’, whilst also injecting it with more sonic twists.

After signing exclusively to Viper Recordings in 2016, nothing but success has followed Dossa & Locuzzed. The duo from Austria have seen support from some of the biggest names in drum & bass.

Check out Dossa & Locuzzed ‘Grains’VIP below and make sure you grab the album here


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