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Viewfinder lands his ‘Viewfinder’ EP on WOWVE Records


Viewfinder is on the brink of unveiling an electrifying new chapter in his music journey—a four-track Drum & Bass EP set to grace the shelves of the burgeoning label, WOWVE Records. Having recently inked an exclusive deal with the label, Viewfinder’s roots in the genre trace back to his formative years, drawing immense inspiration from the trailblazing works of icons like Krust and RAM Trilogy. Fueled by these influences, he ventured into crafting his unique sonic tapestry.

WOWVE Records has emerged as more than just a label for Viewfinder; it’s a sanctuary where his musical ingenuity thrives. Under the guidance of label head Bruno, Viewfinder’s creative evolution has blossomed, culminating in an eagerly anticipated package that epitomizes their collaboration.

Amongst an illustrious array of artists, Viewfinder stands poised to carve his signature sound within the fabric of the scene with his eponymous ‘Viewfinder’ EP. Hailing from the vibrant musical hub of Brighton, the label has meticulously curated a catalogue, showcasing the creative prowess of artists like Viewfinder.

The EP unfolds with ‘Need It,’ a mesmerising opener layered with intricate percussion and resonant bass pads, setting an irresistible tempo. Following suit, ‘Interpretation’ captivates with a relentless energy, boasting a gritty bassline intertwined with dynamic drum sequences. ‘Who You Talking To?’ ventures boldly into jump-up territory, pulsating with lively rhythms and daring breaks. Finally, ‘Place Your Bets’ brings the EP to a thrilling crescendo, commanding attention with its rumbling sub-bass and resounding kicks.

Viewfinder’s forthcoming release emerges as a tour de force, a collection of hard-hitting anthems poised to elevate WOWVE Records to new heights within the musical landscape.

Today we premiere ‘Who You Talking To?’ which you can check out below. The ‘Viewfinder’ EP drops on Friday 1st December. You can get yourself a copy from here!

Viewfinder EP cover

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