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Tyler Frost delivers Context Audio’s ‘Per Ardua III’


Context Audio’s ‘Per Ardua’ series has always been about taking the road less traveled. For the third installment, they’ve taken a voyage down the rabbit hole of Tyler Frost’s incredible productions.

Promising newcomer Tyler Frost from Russia started writing his own music in 2013. Four years later, on the domestic label IMMINENT Recordings, his creative offering turned into an EP entitled ‘Restricted Midnight Area’, followed by the composition ‘Strange Noises’, which became part of the collection on ‘Citate Forms Select II’, released on Citate Forms. Since then he’s had releases on Drum Army, SINE Audio and Addictive Behaviour.

Looking both ahead and back, the ‘Per Ardua III’ EP is some of Tyler Frost‘s finest work to date and also some of his most avant-garde. Proceedings take their cues from likes of Seba and Paradox, with ethereal soundscapes punctuated by exquisite drum work, alongside a thoughtful curio of a 130 track and a rootsy remix from Repertoire alumnus Kola Nut.

Tyler Frost Per Ardua III

It’s both stripped back and maximalist, filling the audial spectrum with glorious noise.

For our premiere today we’ve gone with Kola Nut’s remix of ‘Terra Magicka’ which is just brilliant. It opens with an intricate drum solo before more elements are added one at a time. The track builds momentum with atmospherics and soundscapes until the drums get a bit heavier, while still keeping to a minimal flex.

Check out Tyler Frost ‘Terra Magicka’ (Kola Nut Remix) below! The EP is out now on Context Audio’s Bandcamp and will be available everywhere else on 19th March, grab it from here


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