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Trex debuts on Metalheadz with ‘Back & Forth’ EP


Trex debuts on Metalheadz with his ‘Back & Forth’ EP, a 5 tracker brimming with the London-based producer’s distinctive sounds and versatile techniques.

Trex is a London based artist that has established himself as one of the most exciting producers within Drum & Bass of late. Having released on MAC2, Sofa Sound, Audio Porn, Dispatch and his own label Trust Audio. In recent times his work is played and listened to by peers and listeners across the spectrum of Drum & Bass. Remixing DJ Zinc ‘Bubble’ and releasing his second album ‘Fifteen Doors’ on Randall’s Mac2 Recordings in 2020 were landmark moments for Trex, cementing his reputation as one of the most versatile and technically gifted producers out there.

Whilst Trex is a fan of futuristic sonics he has the ability to deliver a tasteful nod to the past, with soul and weight combining to create a contrasting but consistent quality and he does that expertly with his new release.

Today we premiere ‘Gateway’ which you can check out below. The ‘Back & Forth’ EP drops via Metalheadz on Friday 10th June and is available for you to get your hands on from here!

Back & Forth cover

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