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TRCD & Kaizen Flow collab on ‘Shatter Machine / Control Freak’


The Neuroheadz team return with an electrifying release ‘Shatter Machine / Control Freak’ featuring the talented Kaizen Flow for their debut on the label, joined by TRCD, who delivers another stellar track.

Nick and Shane aka Kaizen Flow, two London-based individuals, crossed paths roughly a decade ago, bonding over artists like Phace, Noisia, and Mefjus. United by their love for the distinctive sounds of Neurofunk, their shared passion continued to grow as they delved deeper into the genre’s exciting intricacies. This journey ultimately led them to create their own music, leaving an indelible mark on the scene.

TRCD, also known as Dan Taylor, is a prominent UK Neurofunk Drum & Bass Producer and DJ. His introduction to the Drum & Bass scene occurred in 2014 with his inaugural release on the renowned USA-based label, Cymbalism Recordings. Since then, TRCD’s discography has expanded to include releases on esteemed labels such as Trendkill Records, Cause 4 Concern, Red Light Records, VTO Records, Nemesis Recordings, Affliction Audio, Mayan Audio, Close 2 Death Recordings, Kill Tomorrow, Abducted LTD, Dirtbox Recordings, Boomslang Recordings, Neuroheadz, and Empire Recordings. TRCD is also a co-owner of the UK Neurofunk Drum & Bass label, VTO Records. His collaborative efforts span a wide range of artists, including Kaizen Flow, Tr Tactics, Transforma, Bytecode, Recs, Kryptomedic, Bad Ace, Surgence, Dark D, and Lifesize MC. TRCD’s DJ prowess has taken him across the UK and Europe, performing at internationally recognized events and venues, including Virus Recordings, Neuroheadz, Global Gathering, Unity Rage, Jungle DNB Sessions, Darkside, and iconic clubs such as Ministry of Sound, StormClub, CrossClub, Marley Club, and Steel Yard.

‘Shatter Machine’ emerged when Dan shared a preliminary version, preserving the melody and groove. The original track made its debut at the inaugural Neuroheadz festival. The project evolved as the boys introduced a new melody for the second drop, incorporating numerous counter-melodies, successfully striking a balance between the dancefloor and the intricate realms of Neurofunk.

The concept for ‘Control Freak’ sprang from Nick and Shane’s desire for complete control over the entire production process, including mixing and mastering. Their unwavering pursuit of perfectionism, while a driving force, also presented challenges. The idea for a collaboration surfaced, and they knew that this was the track they wanted Dan to contribute to. It pushed Nick and Shane beyond their comfort zone of control, creating an interesting dynamic. When Dan returned with his contribution, it resonated perfectly with them, affirming their choice.

Check out our premiere of ‘Shatter Machine’ below. The release drops via Neuroheadz today (18th September), make sure you grab a copy from here!

Shatter Machine / Control Freak cover

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