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Toronto Is Broken drops new EP on YANA Music


After many years of work and perseverance, Christian Hoffmann aka Toronto Is Broken went on to be picked up by the UK bass label Sub Slayers, ran by former Kiss FM and Ram Records resident Jay Cunning. His first release received high praise throughout the scene.

It wasn’t long until Futurebound snapped him up to release Toronto Is Broken’s second album ‘You Are (Not) Alone’ on Viper Recordings. It tells the story of an individual’s personal struggle with depression and isolation, trying to find their place in a world that was collapsed in on itself after the events of Section Nine. It also featured some of Christian’s most successful tracks to date such as ‘Trying to Find Home’, ‘Aum’ and ‘Remnants’.

Having recently received widespread acclaim for his remix of Deuce & Charger‘s ‘We Are Made Of Light’ it’s fair to say the Toronto Is Broken is a talent to keep your eyes and ears on!

Christian also runs his own label YANA Music, which specializes in dancefloor drum & bass. It’s a new home for his music, and has been finding success with releases such as ‘In Your Soul’ / ‘Care For You’ and ‘Run Underwater’.

Toronto Is Borken artwork

The last two YANA Music releases have been uplifting and euphoric, but for #003 they go dark! Toronto Is Broken is back with two murky dancefloor D&B tracks, ‘Industrial’ and ‘Lose Control’.

Our premiere is ‘Industrial’ which does exactly what it says on the tin. With dark ambiences, distorted basses and a jagged, mechanical groove. All of these are melded together with the mantra “WORK, CONSUME, WASTE, REPLACE”, a menacing female vocal driving forth consumerist drones.

Blending seamlessly on from the previous track, ‘Lose Control’ is a thumping dancefloor roller. With a syncopated guttural bassline and gritty synths, this one is also led by a vocal commentary, this time on social disorder.

This release showcases what Toronto Is Broken does best, constructing a narrative across his tracks to make them feel like one concise body of work, just like his album, ‘You Are (Not) Alone’. ‘Industrial’ and ‘Lose Control’ might be some of his deepest and best work yet.

YANA003 drops on 1st November 2019 on all major online store and streaming platforms.

Check out our premiere of ‘Industrial’ below and grab the EP from here


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