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TNTKLZ drops ‘Breakup’ EP on Hanzom Music


Nikolay Chukin aka TNTKLZ (“Tentacles”) is an 18-year-old producer from Yekaterinburg/Russia who has been producing Drum & Bass for about two years now.

After TNTKLZ tried his hand at some different genres he found his love for Drum & Bass very early on. He looked for inspiration in music produced by the likes of Tobax and Agressor Bunx. However, more recently he’s found it in tracks made by Enei and Nais and of course Noisia.

His debut release was ‘Isotension’ EP and was released by Black Panther Recordings in February 2020. This was followed by a release on Druid Records in September 2020, which we premiered (check it out here).

TNTKLZ got this nickname because of his attachment to certain games like Half-Life. “Tentacles” is an alien creature that has appeared in one of the game locations. He naturally came up with the idea to name the musical project that way. The first option was “TNTKL“ (Tentacle) but in the course of some reasoning, he decided to add the letter “Z“ which gave it some weight. It gives a chance to invite several people to this project for its further development.

The ‘Breakup’ EP is his newest project in music production and drops in the form of four earthshattering Neurofunk heaters!

Check out our premiere of the title track ‘Breakup’ below. This one is not for the faint of heart or those of a weaker disposition, it slaps HARD!!! It’s out via Hanzom Music on the 15th of January (Beatport + Spotify Exclusive) you can grab it from here


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