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The Perfect Dinner Pairings with Katie from KOVEN.


KOVEN. are one the most unique and exciting bass music outfits to emerge in recent times. Their high energy sets are something to behold! The way Katie manages to jump around all over the stage and decks while keeping her vocals to near perfection level is astounding!

First conceived in December 2011, the KOVEN. project was sparked into life with their ‘Wake You Up’ EP. Instantly making an impact across the scene, KOVEN.’s very first release saw support from some of the most influential tastemakers of the time.

Since then they have skyrocketed and are now one of the most in demand acts in the drum and bass scene. They regularly appear at Liquicity, Viper and Rampage events to name a few!

We caught up with Katie to talk about another perfectly paired duo…food and music! She told us her favourite food to order at dinner and chose tracks to go with each course…


Buffalo Chicken Wings or Vegan Buffalo Wings (which do exist), just because buffalo sauce is EVERYTHING!

I would start this dinner adventure with Odesza – ‘A Moment Apart’ which is the title track from their album. I chose this because you should start your meal experience with a tune that takes you on a journey and with such beautiful music that Buffalo Sauce will taste even more divine.

Main Course

Honey and mustard chicken and vegetable tray bake

For the main course you have to keep the music soft and pretty, but raise the tempo so my choice would be Hybrid Minds – ‘Brighter Days’ ft Charlotte Haining. Beautiful background sounds for your honey and mustard delights.

Side Dish

Creamy Mashed Potato

The side of creamy mash gives the meal that extra bit of carbs that sometimes we all need, so the song to go with this should also have that extra bit of oomph. So the song for the side is Illenium – ‘Needed you’.


Watermelon gin spritzer, because its yummy and fresh

This is a drink that will wake your mouth up so we need a song that will also wake you up, so the song for this moment is a classic The Prodigy – ‘Invaders Must Die’.


Chocolate fudge brownie, with ice cream

This is my favourite dessert, I look at it and I think ‘I want you’, so for this, the perfect track is Alison Wonderland – ‘I want U’ which is also a great party track to end your eating with and start your real party!

Check out KOVEN.’s new track ‘Love Wins Again’ below. It’s out on Liquicity now and available to buy here


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