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The D&B scene unites to raise money with ‘Jon Dub Pack Charity Fundraiser’ LP


The Drum & Bass community has united again to raise important funds to help Jon, also known as Fat Mandy. The ‘Jon Dub Pack Charity Fundraiser’ LP has been put together to help our friend Jon, who urgently needs funds for his pancreatic cancer treatment. Jon has been a cornerstone of the dance music scene, organizing nights at clubs like The Volks and dropping his own tracks as Fat Mandy. He’s also performed at some of the top nightclubs and festivals worldwide.

Jon’s made a big impact on the world of dance music, playing at major festivals like Glade and Noisily. As Fat Mandy, he’s released vinyl on Wobbly Records. He’s spent years promoting and DJing at Sicknote at The Volks and co-promoting the club night Shift. Recently, he wrapped up 25 tracks for a new album and has been DJing all over the UK and beyond. Jon is also a talented artist who creates posters and artwork, including the design for this dub pack. Plus, he’s contributed a dark, breaksy track to the pack.

This Dub Pack is a team effort with Ashton (Gash) and Kirk (Kleu), a big name in the Drum & Bass scene, who got many of his top producer friends to pitch in tracks. You’ll find some real bangers from artists like Aries, JFB, Levela, Ogstan, Kleu, DRZ, Bunkle, and more!

All the artists are from Brighton or nearby, making this a true community project.

For just £10, you’re getting a ton of tracks. But since this is a fundraiser, if you can donate more, please do. Every penny goes towards Jon’s cancer treatment – thank you!

To learn more about Jon’s story, head over to the main GoFundMe page: gofund.me/4263e815

Today, we premiere JFB’s contribution to the Dub Pack which is called ‘Shadow Clone’ and is below for you to check out. The Dub Pack dropped on Thursday 30th May, you can show your support and help Jon get the treatment he desperately needs but grabbing a copy from Bandcamp here!

Jon Dub Pack cover

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