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Tetrad UK drops ‘Temperamental’ EP on Hardpoint


Hardpoint Recordings brings you Tetrad UK‘s latest release the ‘Temperamental’ EP which features Dunk and consists of four eerie yet wholesome offerings that will leave you feeling like you just took your brain for a ride inside a washing machine at the bottom of the Pacific.

The atmospheric opening of the title track catapults the listener into an obscure reality upon its drop, with a bassline that throbs and weeps underneath gloriously unsettling vocals. The listener is then left to ponder upon the deliciously unnerving elements of ‘Jaded Funk’ which brings us a grizzling drop combined with whimsical pads. The energy is brought to a wicked peak in ‘Jargon’ where tension is immediately created with its foreboding intro and moody drop; building in intensity with delicately layered breaks and mysterious harmonics. Tetrad leaves us with the finale entitled ‘Bad Dream’ whereby the listener is left poised between a techno-inspired mechanical underworld of a disused control room combined with a skeleton-rattling bassline that drum and bass heads know and love oh-so-well.

This one is sure to leave you feeling, well, temperamental!

Today we premiere ‘Temperamental’ which you can check out below. The EP drops this Friday 28th October. Make sure you grab a copy for your collection from here!

Temperamental cover
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