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SyRan drop ‘Aporia’ on ‘Ram Rave Part 4’ EP


The next instalment of the ‘Ram Rave’ EPs is here and with it comes a massive package! Featuring twelve brand new tracks from a host of signees, as well as frequent guests on the label.

After the explosive success of its first three chapters, ‘Ram Rave Part 4’ now offers an even bigger selection of the records which pedestal the versatility of Ram’s roots.

With names like Hillsdom, Prestige, Filip Motovunski alongside Joe Raygun, Showdown, Jabba, Focusfire and Subview all on board providing their take on the Ram Records sound, there’s an abundance of fresh cuts dropping just before the Chrismas period.

Also enlisting the help of Ram’s own SyRan, ZeroZero with vocals from Isaac Evans, Saxxon and Carasel, as well as Smooth and Nectax, Ram highlights its ability to cover the vast spectrum of Drum & Bass. Something which perfectly suits a label that boasts a history spanning decades.

It’s time to prepare yourselves once more for another RAM RAVE! Even if it is in your kitchen, living room or bedroom, with your parents and/or siblings as your rave squad, you can have yourself a banging party with this EP as the soundtrack!

Today, we premiere SyRan’s contribution to the EP ‘Aporia’. This is a fast and furious track that will destroy dance floors and kitchen floors! Nods to the oldskool fused with more recent influences and you’ve got the ingredients for an absolute weapon!! My advice to you is to check it out below and turn it up loud!!!

‘Ram Rave Part 4’ drops today (4th December 2020) on Ram Records (obviously!). Treat yourself an early Christmas present and grab it from here


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