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Swiss Producer Dayni joins the ranks of Drum Army


After having been on the road as a DJ for over 10 years, Dayni eventually found himself drawn to the studio around 4 years ago. Over the years he has played countless sets at events across Switzerland and hosted a local radio show (Radio 3Fach) in Luzern, Switzerland. In 2006 Dayni secured himself third place in the pro-Dj voting on the drum and bass forum “dogsonacid” – right behind the big guns Andy C and Friction.

He quickly found a helping friend for studio sessions within Kyrad, who inspired and taught him valuable production techniques. He invested a great deal of time and effort into getting to grips with the ins and outs of music production and has finally arrived at a point where he feels comfortable with his output in the studio.

With a few releases under his belt he now joins the ranks of Drum Army with his ‘Black Rain’ EP. This EP is going to be split into the EPs during 2020 and early 2021.

First up on the EP is our premiere and title track ‘Black Rain’. A smooth but dark dancefloor bouncey roller. ‘Feelings’ is a tune which reflects the present zeitgeist of Drum & Bass in a very unique way. A nasty modern banger with a vibe that reminds us of the good old days. ‘Slack’ is a creative stepping and kinda jungly tune. The EP ends with ‘Balsamic Face’, a deep bouncing track.

Check out Dayni ‘Black Rain’ below. It drops via Drum Army on 2nd March so make sure you grab it from here


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