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Submorphics drops ‘Newport Magnetic’ EP on TNQ


Roughly a year after his ‘Kodak Dreams’ LP Submorphics returns to The North Quarter with ‘Newport Magnetic’. This is a six-track project that sees the Detroit native reinvent his trademark lo-fi take on Drum & Bass. While looking to the future and growing artistically on this project, Submorphics continues to draw inspiration from hazy rare grooves, resulting in a refreshing showcase of his creative vision.

Newport Magnetic cover

To complement the new ethos, ‘Newport Magnetic’ EP features some stunning vocalists in London’s VEDA BLACK, Detroit rap legend (and J Dilla collaborator) Phat Kat as well as Steo and Ras Tweed. All things Submorphics are at play here: meditative smoked out vibes, music with a message, melancholic chords and soulful Drum & Bass. This is Submorphics 2.0, keeping it fresh for 2021!

“After completing my highly nostalgic ‘Kodak Dreams’ LP, it was time to write a new EP taking inspirations from both the present and future. Joined by a diverse cast of global contributors documenting their current struggles and hopes for tomorrow, I set out to create a series of deeper tracks with an updated sonic palette. The result is the ‘Newport Magnetic’ EP; written with love in The Hague. Enjoy!” – Submorphics

Today we premiere the brilliant ‘Infinite Void’. I absolutely LOVE this track, the drums alone are wicked but combine that with the orchestral music and you’ve got an absolute genius piece of music.

Check out Submorphics ‘Infinite Void’ below. The ‘Newport Magnetic’ EP lands on 9th April via The North Quarter, you can grab it using the purchase button below!


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