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Stawy drops ‘Barba / Flexout’ on Soul Ex Machina


The second Soul Ex Machina release of the first half of 2022 explores a dancefloor-oriented side of deep, rolling Drum & Bass. After appearances on their free series and debut compilation ‘Symbol’ LP, the single ‘Barba / Flexout’ is Stawy´s first solo release on the label, documenting his artistic journey and development.

The single opens up with ‘Barba’, an intense techy but deep roller. This bit is full of pure energy and tension: futuristic sound designs, dark soundscapes, crispy and sharp bassline and minimalistic, rolling drum patterns to keep the dancefloor moving. This is not for the faint headed! ‘Flexout’ explores deeper into the fields of the minimal stomping sound. Light, old school sound inspired synths transform into a hard-hitting drop with a sub-bass driven groove, compiled with stepper drums together to make a slick package. This is a tune for vibey dancers!

Stawy´s musical journey started fifteen years ago as a Drum & Bass DJ, eventually evolving into a dedicated and focused producer. Inspired by the dark, deep dancefloor sounds of the genre giants like Icicle, Alix Perez and many others, constantly developing his skills and sound to finally emerge into the scene as the first solo release on Soul Ex Machina.

Check out our premiere of ‘Barba’ below. The single comes out on Friday 3rd June 2022. Make sure you grab a copy for your collection from here!


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