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Stanton Warriors new album ‘Rise’ is here


Stanton Warriors have called upon some of the scene’s most exciting and diverse artists to collaborate with them on their new album ‘Rise’. Featuring artists from hip-hop, grime, house, dancehall and drum’n’bass including Foreign Beggars, Stush, Taiki Nulight, Sian Evans, Ami Carmine, Keith Thompson, Lily McKenzie, Danny Dearden and Scarlett Quinn. Each track on ‘Rise’ showcases Stanton Warriors’ signature rolling breakbeat bass sound. It is this sound that has earned them an army of fans across the globe – many of whom proudly wear the Stanton’s iconic logo as a tattoo!

‘Rise’ is accompanied by a ‘Rise’ DJ Mix, comprising of original versions and remixes of the album tracks from such exciting producers as Neon Steve, Volac, Foundry, Aylen, Marten Hørge, GUAU, and Badjokes. These will be mixed alongside original tracks from Plump DJs, Chris Røyal, Bombo Rosa, and Danny Byrd.

This album is Stanton Warriors best work to date and is a really strong contender amongst other recently released albums. It is sure to keep fans and aficionados happy for a very long time!

Stanton Warriors we salute you!

Check out ‘Rise’ below. It’s out now and available to buy/stream here


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