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Special Feature: Flashback Locked Up Music Showcase


Locked Up Music was set up in 2017 by Section. The label soon gained interest from a variety of producers with Kumarachi, Agro, Jaybee, Marcus Tee, LJ High, SR and Ikon-B amongst them. From that point on Locked UP Music has been a rich breeding ground for both established and new talent across the whole Jungle Drum & Bass scene.

Locked Up Music is explicit in its drive to push a wide spectrum of Drum & Bass, most notably in the form of the various artist series ‘Inmates‘. The third volume has just been released and has received acclaim from DJs across the board. 

This year sees the fourth anniversary of the label and also the impressive 25th release for Locked Up, which is due out in May. (Keep ’em peeled!)

This year Section welcomes close friend Flashback as the new label manager. Flashback and Section met at Sun and Bass in 2017 and have been making music together ever since, under the alias Dark Ops. They’ve smashed it with modern Jungle classics, ‘The Return’ and ‘Jungle Demon‘ under their belts. The duo is set to push forward with releases on Rebel Music, Skeleton and Locked Up Music this year.

To celebrate his promotion to label manager, Flashback has put together a one hour mix of his favourite new and old Locked Up tunes and you can listen and download for free here


  1. Bullet – Beyond Space (dub)
  2. Section – Grounded (dub)
  3. Dark Ops – The Maze
  4. CRSV X TS – Huntress
  5. Bullet – Martians (dub)
  6. Section – Puzzle
  7. Section X Flashback – The Return
  8. Outsider – Dungeon
  9. Outsider X Section – Midnight Memories
  10. Precise – Selector
  11. Section X Flashback – Unusual Weapon
  12. Noctem – Retrospective 
  13. Section – Walk This Road
  14. Dark Ops X Sam Harris – All Things Living
  15. Dark Ops – Warlock
  16. SR – Magna Carta
  17. Section – Fear
  18. Antares – The Order (dub)
  19. Section – Say It Again
  20. Section X Jaybee – Like That
  21. Dapz – Hidden Messages
  22. Sicknote X Jim Bane – Re-Up

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