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Speaker Louis & Grimesy join Deep In The Jungle


Deep In The Jungle is a UK based Jungle label dedicated to resurrecting the jungle stylings of yesteryear and bringing them back to their rightful place at the front and centre of the dancefloor. With releases from artists such as DJ L.A.B, DJ Hybrid, Euphonique, Conrad Subs, Kumarachi, RMS, Sikka, Demented Frequency, X-Nation, DJ Monk, Ricky Force, Hungry T, Supa Ape, Sound Shifter, Pastaman, Dialect & Kosine, Tropmanga, and many more.

They won the Best Jungle Label at the We Love Jungle Awards 2017 and since then have been on a roll and have continuously released top quality Jungle music to their dedicated fan base. Deep In The Jungle’s latest compilation ‘Deep In The Jungle Anthems 5 LP’ featured a massive 50 tracks and showcased some of the best music from an array of finely picked producers. The album went on to reach Number 1 in the Juno Top 100 Albums chart!

Now Deep In The Jungle return with their next EP from Speaker Louis and Grimesy ‘Bad Boy Flow’. Our premiere today is ‘Can’t Touch’ which smacks of old skool jungle! Perfect!

Speaker Louis & Grimesy ‘Bad Boy Flow EP’ drops on Deep In The Jungle on 14th February. Check out ‘Can’t Touch’ below and make sure you grab the EP!