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Sonic Trace drops ‘Collision / Die Fast’ on Identity Records


Testing the limits of dark Drum & Bass yet again, Identity Records is back with a growling two tracker from Sonic Trace, ‘Collision / Die Fast’. Bridging the gap between the winter and summer months, these two tracks pack enough punch from the ice-cold nature of stripped-back beats to the searing heat emanating from their saturated sound design. These are two tracks you’ll want to add to your collection instantaneously. 

‘Collision’ sets off the goosebumps with its haunting atmospherics and chunky bass line, fomenting the sinister undercurrent that courses through the release. The elongated wail of the bass dominates the soundscape, striking a delicate balance between noisy energy and dark grimey tones. The switch after the breakdown finds the composition sped up with shorter intervals between the blasts of sound, making it one intense journey into the dark side.

Mind-provoking synths and hypnotic rhythms combine to form ‘Die Fast’. A twin attack of techy hat shuffles and deep subs launches the track deep into heavy territory, dredging up every twisted molecule of sound it can find. Fluctuating between high-speed rolling beats and inverted chopped-up permutations of it in every form creates a thundering minimal number that infiltrates every fibre in the body.  

Today we premiere ‘Die Fast’ which you can check out below. The release dropped on Friday 26th April, you can grab a copy here!

Collision / Die Fast cover

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