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Sol Pillars lands on Calibrate with ‘Terror Tonic / Pipe Dream’


Hailing from Johannesburg, SA is Sol Pillars – an upcoming producer who seamlessly blends dark atmospheres with fierce bass and snappy drums. Fusing elements from the heaviest and darkest depths of Drum & Bass with a solid groove, his new release is a perfect addition to any DJ’s arsenal that’s looking to create energy and impact in the mix. 

After being exposed to what was Johannesburg’s weekly Drum & Bass instalment in 2014 (Addictshun) Sol Pillars developed an insatiable desire to get to know what the sound of Drum & Bass was all about. From here, his curiosity led him to begin producing his own music. This set him on the path to eventually playing at the party that introduced him to the sound.

Sol Pillars is now a resident at Science Frikshun. This is one of South Africa’s staple underground events which ignited the Drum & Bass scene over 12 years ago. His residency has allowed him to explore and develop his sound. From melodic and soulful opening liquid Drum & Bass sets to heavy-hitting, high energy peak time sets. His most notable nights come from Science Frikshun events featuring Krakota, Breakage, Ulterior Motive and Whiney.

Now, Sol Pillars joins the team at Calibrate Records with a two track single, ‘Terror Tonic / Pipe Dream’.

‘Terror Tonic’, as the name might suggest is a heavy hitter indeed. Featuring gnarly, twisting bass lines that evolve throughout the track; pinned down with punchy and crisp percussion work. The intro atmosphere sets the scene for the “terror” that is about to ensue, before being slammed into a bass onslaught. 

Our premiere is the flipside ‘Pipe Dream’. This track kicks off with warping pads and haunting vocal atmospheres, before being led to the drop by funky yet crisp breakbeats that run amok throughout the tune. Sol Pillars yet again demonstrates his monstrous ability to craft raspy bass synths that weave in and out of the drums. ‘Pipe Dream” is the perfect bouncy B-side to compliment the beast in ‘Terror Tonic’. 

Sol Pillars ‘Terror Tonic / Pipe Dream’ will be out exclusively to Beatport and Spotify on the 12th February with worldwide release on the 26th. Check out our premiere of ‘Pipe Dream’ below and make sure you grab the tracks from here


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