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Sol Pillars drops ‘Precipice’ EP on Calibrate Records


Sol Pillars has been causing quite a stir within the scene recently, unleashing formidable releases on Locked Concept and Detached Audio. Naturally, Calibrate Records are thrilled to introduce more of Sol Pillars’ musical offerings, as they now consider them a cornerstone of their artist roster. The newly unveiled ‘Precipice’ EP marks the latest creative endeavour from Sol Pillars, delivering impeccable craftsmanship across three tracks of bold and dynamic Drum & Bass.

The track ‘Precipice’ stands as a hybrid creation, seamlessly merging elements of Deep and Experimental D&B with rugged bass tones reminiscent of Neurofunk. It’s a masterful amalgamation of elements from diverse styles, showcasing some of Sol Pillars’ most impressive synth work to date. Throughout the track, punchy drums and intricate, jittery basslines interweave harmoniously, culminating in an irresistible dancefloor anthem that demands attention.

Shifting gears, we delve into the realm of ‘Dissect’. The introduction captivates with robotic vocals, immersing the listener in an otherworldly sonic landscape. As the percussive elements steadily build up to the climax, the track takes on a distinct trajectory. Here, Sol Pillars demonstrates impeccable bass synthesis alongside crisp, impactful drums enriched with an infectious rhythmic groove in the percussion and hats.

Concluding this captivating three-piece is ‘Green Envy’. Once again, Sol Pillars ascends to remarkable heights by introducing his own vocals, cleverly woven into the sonic tapestry through innovative processing. The theme of “envy” is artfully conveyed through the vocals, while the track’s central bass motif teases its presence, creating anticipation before descending into a climactic drop. This drop showcases catchy riffs, acid-infused arpeggios, and unconventional drum patterns that exude a distinctive charm.

Sol Pillars’ artistry continues to resonate across genres, revealing a unique blend of creativity and skill that’s poised to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

Check out our premiere of ‘Green Envy’ below. The ‘Precipice’ EP drops via Calibrate exclusively on Beatport, Bandcamp and Spotify on 18th August with the global release on 1st September. Grab yourself a copy here!

Precipice cover

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