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Slwdwn remixes Screamarts ‘Get Physical’


Impact Music has taken pride of place amongst Europe’s roster of drum & bass labels, not only making their place within the EU market, but worldwide as well.

DJ Mc Fly, Impact Music’s label head, has selected few artists to have their take on Horde’s and Screamarts‘ creations. The ‘Horde & Screamarts Remixes’ features some sick newcomers as cømpiler, Enta, Stokka and Slwdwn. It covers the reach which Impact Music have at their fingertips, something keenly demonstrated throughout their forthcoming remixes EP.

cømpiler’s version of ‘Drift’ has thumping bass rhythms and is domineering through its searing drums and trippy stabs. Enta comes next, taking ‘Taste Maker’ through his own motions, alongside clashing percussive patches and a more agressive review of the tune. Stokka, the Exeter based producer and RUN’s resident DJ, has his turn on ‘Get Physical’ and it’s just as chaotic, yet through its own weighty beats. Then Slwdwn delivers ‘Get Physical’ by twisting it into his own mould, one expertly defined through each jaunty segment. 

Together each track epitomises the talent that rests with Impact Music. With DJ Mc Fly’s lead, it’s expanding at an astonishing pace and they remain as dedicated as ever to staying true to their original ethos. That’s providing a place for the world to see the local scene and wealth of music.

Check out the premiere of Screamarts ‘Get Physical’ (Slwdwn Remix) below. The ‘Horde & Screamarts Remixes’ EP drops via Impact Music on 18th December, make sure you grab it from here


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