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Skuff drops his new EP on Rebel Music


Next up for Rebel Music, they welcome Skuff to the fold with 6 huge tracks from the Essex based artist. Starting his journey mixing back in 1998, Skuff found his real love behind a keyboard and mouse in 2002. Having had a few releases on Serotone Recordings, Ten Tons Deeper, Venomous Musik with a few breaks along the way, Skuff found his home with Rebel Music at the end of 2018.

His debut EP, ‘Pushing Buttons’ has received critical acclaim from some of the industries finest along with some of Skuff’s heroes in the form of LTJ Bukem and Dillinja. ‘Walk Away’ has been aired on BBC Radio 1 for the Drum & Bass Show with Rene Lavice, and continues to do the rounds among the leading underground channels.

Skuff’s aesthetic harks back to the glory days whilst adding that touch of future. Rolling breaks, vivid atmospherics and musicality make each piece an acoustic marvel. An Iron Fist wrapped in a velvet glove, a silent killer.

Skuff’s ‘Pushing Buttons’ EP shows the wide range of sounds in his production palette. From the epic vocal lead ‘Walk Away’ and the song like ‘Too Far Away’, to the deep and immersive ‘Freak’ and ‘Pushing Buttons’, this EP really does cover a lot of ground. ‘Iron Fist’ gives a nod to the good looking times of old and ‘Empty Pots’ is full of funk and liquid flavours.

Our premier today is ‘Pushing Buttons’ which is full of dreamy liquid vibes from start to finish. Our eyes and ears are firmly on Skuff, we can’t wait to hear more!

Check out ‘Pushing Buttons’ below. It’s released on Monday 3rd February so make sure you bag a copy from here


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