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Skorpion drops ‘Void Drummer’ EP on Deeper DNB


The versatile sound specialist Skorpion is the artist behind Deeper DNB‘s latest release. Delving into some expansive, dank and cavernous sonics his debut on Deeper DNB ‘Void Drummer’ traverses the depths, exploring all things deep and minimal.

Skorpion is an up and coming producer based in San Francisco, CA. He has a PhD in Chemistry, but lately he has been more passionate about synthesizing sounds. After grad school he decided to evolve his love for music into making his own. After initial single releases on small neurofunk and deep Drum & Bass labels in 2019 he followed with his debut EP ‘The Dark Altar’ on Russian label Drevobos Recordings in 2021. This EP explored the deeper and tribal sides of Drum & Bass while painting flourishing soundscapes over heavy rolling drums. 

Moving into 2022 and finding himself with a dedicated studio space, Skorpion has been working tirelessly to improve his production, mixing, and mastering. The first release resulting from these efforts comes in the form of his sophomore EP ‘Void Drummer’ on London based label Deeper DnB. With three unique tracks including a free download, this release leaves us anticipating more great music in the future from the American producer!

Today we premiere ‘Hide In The Dark’ which you can check out below and is a free download. ‘Void Drummer’ dropped on Thursday 26th May, make sure you grab ‘Hide in The Dark’ for FREE from here!

Void Drummer cover