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SINFUL MAZE welcome LYLY to the fold with his ‘Fragments’ EP


SINFUL MAZE Recordings are set to drop a brand new and very personal EP from LYLY entitled ‘Fragments’. SINFUL MAZE has consistently pursued genuine emotions and compelling narratives within the music they champion, alongside a commitment to technical excellence and the energetic resonance of frequency waves. Their passion extends to uncovering hidden gems within the saturated landscape of music and art, amidst a realm ripe with opportunities and occasional happy endings. This ethos is encapsulated in the story of LYLY and his new EP as expressed in his own words:

”Each track is intricately linked to a specific time and emotion of my life:

‘Argue’ is a track that I started writing in early 2020, before the pandemic. It’s emerged from an unhealed wound that was buried deep inside my heart. It took me three years to finish the song. Perhaps I needed to heal from the wound to find the strength to complete it.

‘Crashing Down’ was written on New Year’s Eve 2023. I was feeling very anxious at that time because I was working a lot on my music and I was pushing myself very hard. Ironically, this track didn’t take a lot of effort to write. It came very naturally to me, probably because I decided to release the pressure that night and accepted that I needed to be gentler with myself. So in a way, this track is a reminder to myself to let go of things and to just let myself crash down from time to time.

‘Pivert’ was written after a long period of writer’s block. I hadn’t written anything in the past 6 months. I think at that time, I had lost motivation to write music because of all the isolation and inactivity during the pandemic. But then I went to Rampage Open Air and it was a real breath of fresh air for me. It was the first time in almost two years that I got to experience music in that context, played very loud, surrounded by people who also love this music. After the festival, I got back to producing music and this track was born.

‘Daylily’ was a very fun track to write. At that time, I was pretty much doing nothing else in my life but producing so I was very in phase with my skills. It took me a whole afternoon to write the main idea of the track and then another two sessions to finish it. It was very refreshing because for once I didn’t overthink the track, it all came naturally. In a sense, this track feels like a victory for me because things were finally starting to look brighter in my life and I think this track reflects it well.”

This week we’ve premiered 2 tracks from LYLY’s ‘Fragments’ EP. The first track we premiered was ‘Crashing Down’ on Monday and the second is ‘Daylily’ which we’ve premiered today. Both tracks are below for you to check out. The EP drops tomorrow, Friday 22md March, make sure you grab a copy from here!


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