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Simple Souls drop their aptly titled ‘Friends’ EP on Four Corners Music


Simple Souls, known for their funkily uplifting Drum & Bass, stand out in the music scene with their unique approach. This dynamic trio has consistently brought freshness and innovation to their craft, seamlessly incorporating live instruments into their DJ sets and infusing a new twist into the liquid funk formula that runs through their discography. Their track record boasts successful releases on renowned labels like Liquid V, Fokuz, and now Four Corners, highlighting their exceptional blend of technical musicality and unrelenting party vibes. Their latest release, aptly titled ‘Friends,’ is a testament to their collaborative spirit and showcases their talent for assembling a roster of gifted artists. Simple Souls’ ‘Friends’ EP is a vibrant collection of tracks that exemplify the power of collaboration.

The EP bonus track, ‘Heat,’ featuring Simple Souls and Danny Wheeler, is set to drop as a free download, offering a taste of the musical brilliance this release holds.

Beyond this, the EP delves into exciting collaborations with Link and Jimmy Danger, who team up for ‘Blue Note Swing.’ Here, Jimmy’s smooth, laid-back bars effortlessly ride over a slick piano-led groove, punctuated by ice-cool instrumental solos that add depth and character to the composition.

Further exploring the depths of musical creativity, Simple Souls joins forces with Kodan for the enchanting ‘Wave.’ The track takes listeners on a journey led by enchanting horn melodies and harmonious keyboard arrangements, creating an immersive sonic experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

Next up is ‘Survivors,’ a collaboration with Professor Funk, that seamlessly blends elements of hip-hop with atmospheric Drum & Bass, resulting in a genre-blurring masterpiece that showcases the versatility of Simple Souls.

The EP reaches its peak with ‘Ride On,’ featuring MC Fedora, which transforms into a full-fledged singalong anthem. This track encapsulates the essence of euphoria, inviting listeners to lose themselves in its infectious energy. ‘Friends’ EP is a testament to the synergy among musicians, producers, instrumentalists, and vocalists who share a common love for Drum & Bass, a genre that brings joy and passion to both the creators and the audience.

In summary, ‘Friends’ EP by Simple Souls is a harmonious fusion of talent and creativity. It’s a testament to the infectious joy found within the realm of Drum & Bass and serves as a gift to music enthusiasts and ravers alike. These tracks are more than just music; they are an essential acquisition for those who appreciate the magic of musical collaboration and the boundless possibilities within the world of Drum & Bass. With their ‘Friends’ EP, Simple Souls continue to push the boundaries of the genre and solidify their reputation as true pioneers in the world of electronic music.

Today we premiere ‘Blue Note Swing’ which you can check out below. The ‘Friends’ EP dropped exclusively on Beatport on 23rd October, it will be available everywhere else on 6th November. Make sure you grab a copy from here!

Friends EP cover

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