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Simon Splice drops new music on new Eloisa imprint


Simon Splice is the brand new look for current heavy-weight artist Exile. Although while both alias’ will still be active they will both be running very parallel to one another. Whilst Exile holds a much darker ‘roller’ approach to drum and bass, Simon Splice opens up to jubilant liquid and enchanted dance floor bangers. With 4 tracks ready to melt the dancefloors, he brings two well-crafted instrumentals along with two beautifully vocalled tracks for his ‘New Beginnings EP’.

Taking the lead is ‘Knock Knock’ with Simon Splice arriving at the door ready to explore his new adventure, expect beautifully pieced raindrop patterns and a rupturing bassline as this track is ready for the floor. Next up we greet Miss Tantrum with her sweet vocals on ‘Want It All’. A track which already generates a high altitude of craze when heard live.

‘Lines’ is next to see the light with its mellifluous basslines. A track ready to enable the listener into a sense of euphoria. The same euphoria that reappears in the final track and our premiere ‘Carousel’ with the graceful vocals from A N I M A, carrying you to the end of the EP leaving you thirst for more.

Eloisa is a fresh new digital label, with a thirst for the sounds of Drum & Bass, opening up ears to the new age of music. With a unique, open and diverse vibe boding through to break the mould, Eloisa is on a mission to surpass barriers in the D&B scene. Eloisa is under the umbrella of Inperspective Music Group which notoriously holds Inperspective Records – having over 20 years of history. Eloisa inherits that vast amount of knowledge and reputation to launch itself into the scene.

The full flavours of Eloisa are yet to be discovered, but we’ve been told to expect luscious liquid, daring dancefloor, jaunty jump up and a whole lot more!

Simon Splice’s ‘New Beginnings’ EP lands on 6th March on Eloisa. Check out ‘Carousel’ feat A N I M A below and grab the EP from here

Eloisa will be having their launch party on 6th March at Peckham Audio, London. They will be having their launch party on 6th March at Peckham Audio, London. More info and tickets are here