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Shogun Origins: Jolliffe


You may remember a short while ago we announced that we would be working alongside Shogun Audio to bring you a new mix series Shogun Origins to promote some of the new and emerging artists on the imprint.

If you’ve been following Shogun Audio for a while you will no doubt be familiar with their outstanding series of various artist albums; Point Of Origin. Since 2015 this series has become the springboard for catapulting the careers of some of today’s most well-known artists, with names such as Voltage, GLXY and Sustance, to name but a mere few, it’s crystal clear that Shogun’s A&R team know how to spot emerging talent. 

Jolliffe Shogun Origins cover art

The ‘Point of Origin’ albums are proof that Shogun Audio invests in new artists, but they’ve recently decided that they wanted to do more to elevate these up and comers and get them all the attention they deserve.

Rather than showcasing artists on various artist albums with Shogun Origins, the imprint has decided to move to individual singles which will mean each track and artist will get dedicated time to shine. 

Here at Data Transmission, you will by now know that we pride ourselves on shining a spotlight on new talent so each month we will be teaming up with Shogun Origins and delivering you a brand new and 100% exclusive mix from one of their artists. This month we launch the series with Jolliffe!

Drum and Bass newcomer Jolliffe has only been releasing for two years. In that short space of time he has managed to notch up releases on Spearhead, Shogun, Guidance, Hyperactivity Music and Soulvent Records. With radio spins from Radio 1, Rinse and Kiss FM, his production style of dark rollers and minimal liquid has seen him play sets at Fabric as well as a guest mix for the Hospital Podcast and now this brand new and exclusive one for us. 

Check out Jolliffe’s Shogun Origins mix below, it features music from the likes of Duskee, SL8R, Visages, QZB, BTK, BCee, Monty, Enei, Levela, Waeys and loads more. There’s a few of Jolliffe’s own creations in there too!


1. Alix Perez ft. Liam Bailey – Moving On (Break Remix)

2. Jolliffe feat. Eckoes – Can This Be Real

3. Duskee, SL8R – Evolving

4. Jolliffe feat. Portia Conn – Window Panes

5. Pola & Bryson, Strategy – Anaesthetist

6. Enei feat. Elipsa – Escape

7.  Jolliffe – Cheddar Lane Rat

8. Visages – Gymnopedies

9. Molecular – Energy

10. Platinum Breaks X Joe Killington – Changes

11. QZB – Futurecool

12. BTK – Lin Kuei

13. BCee – Is Anybody Out There? (S.P.Y VIP)

14. Machinedrum – Braided Leaves (Visages Remix)

15. Battery, Philth – For Real

16. Ruth Royal X Makoto – New Love

17. Jolliffe – Out Of Joint

18. Missing, Trex feat. Heidi Vogel – Less Than Zero

19. Jolliffe feat. Gentry & Siege MC – Between The Spaces

20. Dogger, Mindstate, Anile, K S R – Don’t Hurt Me

21. Enei – Dirty

22. Levela – Jacked

23. Dj Gaw, Nozz – Cold

24. Reckless – Though Patterns

25. GEST – Inertia

26. NC-17 – Most Violent Year

27. Waeys – Snoar

28. Jolliffe feat. Espa – Blown

29. Breakage – Spread Out

30. Jolliffe – Marlow

31. Waeys, Levela – The Devil

32. Benny L feat. Pastry Maker – Old Days

33. Bou, MC Bassman, Simula – Heavy and Dark

34. Jolliffe feat. ERIKA – Chasing Storms

35. Ulterior Motive – Radian

36. Whiney – Black Ice

37. Hyroglifics, AC13 – Mercy Misery

38. NC-17, Masheen – Overdue

39. Terror feat. Sam Calver – Gold

40. Jolliffe – Moving On

41. Linguistics feat. GLXY – Searching For

42. Unlgued feat Benny L, Javeon – Crusty Rolls

43. Walkr – Setting Sun

44. Monty – Zoomers

45. InMost – Do You (Kasra Remix)

46. Wreckless – Honesty


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