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Shodan lands ‘Inside the Walls’ on Hierarchy Audio


Making a turn into one of the darker corners of Drum & Bass, Hierarchy Audio returns in 2022 with a track from Shodan. Following his prior year releases on Backlash Records, Detached Audio, Ten Ton Beats and Tesseract Recordings, to name a few. Shodan now brings beats, breaks and all-around badness to the Hierarchy camp with ‘Inside The Walls’.

Shodan found himself digging deep into music production in 2004, which very quickly caught the attention of DJ Phantasy of Easy Records. Yes, the same DJ Phantasy that has been engrained in the dance music scene since the early ’90s, and maybe even a little before. As their partnership grew, and production skills bedded in, the pair dropped their first release on Easy Records, with the tracks ‘Atomic Age’ and ‘No Liars’ featuring Fatman D. Of course, this was just the beginning. Further releases came to Easy as well as Ganja Records, Trouble on Vinyl, Funkatech, Pure Filth and more in the coming years. Shodan, was here to stay!

Fast forward to 2022 and the man is not standing down. ‘Inside the Walls’ on Hierarchy Audio adds another notch to Shodans repertoire with dark undertones, reminiscent of some of the early naughties darkstep vibes. Naturally, this comes with a modern Hierarchy twist in the bassline to filth it up further.

Check out our premiere of ‘Inside the Walls’ from Shodan below. It lands in all good digital stores and streaming platforms from 25th February 2022, grab it from here. Hierarchy Audio launched in December 2020, and like the rest of the world, has had to ensure the struggle of a fast-changing world. This year, they have a handful of releases lined up, so make sure you check out the social media updates as well as the Hierarchy Audio radio show on DTRadio on the last Friday of each month.

Inside The Walls cover

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