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Shodan drops ‘Stay Calm / Faultline’ on Addictive Behaviour


Back from an extended hiatus, Addictive Behaviour returns to the fold, recalibrated and reloaded with a full schedule of new music on the horizon. Celebrating the relaunch comes a two-track single ‘Stay Calm / Faultline’ from the increasingly prolific, veteran producer, Shodan. And he’s bringing an explosive new flavour to the label’s output.

Shodan made his debut way back in 2004 with his first release on Easy Records with DJ Phantasy. This was followed shortly after with a remix of Top Buzz’s ‘Living in Darkness’ on the legendary Bassment Records imprint. (RIP Top Buzz!) He then released arguably the biggest tune of his career, ‘Gimme Da Gal’ featuring the original nuttah, UK Apache on DJ Hype’s Ganja Records. In more recent years, a renewed Shodan has been busier than ever, taking his music in new directions. He’s had releases on Four Corners, Backlash, Celsius, Hyperactivity, Detached Audio, Warm Ears and many more.

For this release, Shodan leans into his roots from the heavier side of 2000’s DnB with clear influences from the likes of Dillinja, the Renegade Hardware crew and True Playaz.

I love “proper” drums and old school jungle, rave and early DnB sounds. I’m still trying to get the balance right between my old school influences and modern sounds and production standards. I want to make music that appeals to the older crew and newer generation of ravers alike.”


A versatile producer able to make a diverse range of styles, and is equally comfortable with heavy tracks, jungle, liquid or minimal. He’s currently building further collaborations with the likes of DJ Phantasy, Melinki, Hex, Kipsy, K2T and more. We’re looking forward to the next wave of new music from Shodan.

Today we premiere ‘Stay Calm’ which you can check out below. The 2 track single dropped exclusively on Beatport and Spotify on 8th May and will be available everywhere else on Monday 22nd May. Make sure you grab yourself a copy from here!

Stay Calm / Faultine cover

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