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Sedo joins In-Reach Records with his ‘Terminus’ EP


In-Reach Records are pleased to present another four tracks of supreme Drum & Bass production. This time the welcome Sedo to join the family with a massive 4 track EP called ‘Terminus’.

Sedo is a DJ and producer with an affinity for all things dark and 170bpm. Over the past few years, Sedo’s production have been featured on labels including: Symmetry Recordings, Juicy Fruit Recordings and Skalator Music, and In-Reach Records are extremely excited to be hosting his music on their imprint.

Sedo 'Terminus' EP

Raised in a residential recording studio in the depths of Wales, Sedo has been surrounded by music since a very young age. Coming from such an inspiring musical upbringing, it was inevitable that he would eventually be driven to do something musical himself. This something came in the form DJ’ing at parties whilst at Uni in Manchester. Soon after he began producing Drum & Bass.

After a couple of jump up releases a long time ago, he went off the radar for a few years. He returned to production with a vengeance around three years ago, eager to perfect his sound and engineering abilities. Within 18 months of attacking the production, he had a release on Symmetry Recordings and another on Tesseract Recordings.

His latest release ‘Terminus’ is just about as dark and moody as you can get. Consisting of 4 expertly crafted cuts, this EP is a work of genius and deserves to be listened to loudly!

Today, we’ve chosen to premiere ‘Radiation’ which has seen Doc Scott as a heavy supporter. You can check it out below. Sedo’s ‘Terminus’ EP drops on In-Reach Records on 16th October, make sure you grab it from here


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