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Section joins No Reality Music with ‘Lift The Veil’ EP


No Reality Music welcomes Locked Up Music boss Section to the label with his ‘Lift The Veil’ EP.

Despite this only being their sophomore release, No Reality is already making waves across the darker end of the drum and bass spectrum. Section expands the already diverse sonic range of the label by pairing soundscapes from the genesis of the genre with production techniques taken from the present day.

The title track commences the EP with a flurry of chopped up organic breaks, dissonant pads, and booming 808s. Junglists and drum & bass heads can both rejoice as the chaotic and dystopian soundscapes capture the futuristic and forward-thinking energy which defines breaks-heavy varieties of techstep.

‘Old High’ continues to explore brooding soundscapes and twisted breaks. Layered kicks, 808s, and bass stabs produce a weighty and hypnotic head-bobbing rhythm reminiscent of early Metalheadz and Renegade Hardware releases.

The penultimate cut, ‘Quiet Storm’, opts for a sound more informed by contemporary developments in drum and bass than their musical predecessors. Steppy drums, layered pads, and more chromatic chords are the order of the day here.

‘Through The Rain’ also adopts a two-step drum pattern, this time using a sampled break as the foundation of the percussion. Section also substitutes the heavy 808s of the other tracks on this release with a resonant acid bassline, once again placing oldschool elements in a modern context.

Over the course of four tracks, Section provides four timeless cuts spanning jungle, techstep, and minimal drum and bass inspired by raw, oldschool influences.

Today we premiere ‘Through The Rain’ which you can check out below. The ‘Lift The Veil’ EP drops this Friday (24th February) and is available for you to get your hands on from here!

Lift The Veil cover

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