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Scartip set to drop ‘Dopamine Tokens’ EP on Sleep Less Records


After his recent UKF feature, Scartip double drops his latest EP ‘Dopamine Tokens’ on Sleep Less Records.

Opening up with ‘Dopamine Tokens’ this one sounds like an angry robot with its stepping breaks and satisfying grungy bass conversation that ensues throughout the track definitely one for the hard steppers! And on the flip…

‘Channel Zero’ again hears Scartip use his unique style with a more rolling grunge, the intro with is discordant strikes sound like something from a twisted Sci-Fi and a combination hard-hitting drums from the drop and pitched shakers that forever seem to pitch takes you into a Rollerz meets Neurofunk heater made for the dance floor.

One of the more challenging producers to categorise, Scartip has carved a reputation for fusing multiple influences into his unique, fast paced sound. As former UKF journalist and established rave-culture author and founder of 1 More Thing, Dave ‘Columbo’ Jenkins lightly and accurately described; “His music is like the bastard child of a neuro, jungle and jump-up threesome”. A melting pot of all Drum & Bass sub-genres, early hardcore/jungle and ‘leftfield’ techno electronica play a part in Scartip’s chaotic, cerebral melting music.

Scartips’s distant stint writing dark comedy in college rubs off in many tracks, with hidden humoured signposts embedded deep in the mixdowns.

Artists who have supported Scartip’s music include Bailey, Foreign Concept, Hazard, DJ Hybrid, Hype, My Nu Leng, Noisia, Nymfo, Nominee, Samurai Breaks and has released music on over 20 labels, including 4NCY, Deep in the Jungle, Four Corners Music, Incuzion Audio, Propa Talent and Sample Genie to name a few…

Beyond the music, he is the events programmer and host for Virtuoso, having curated live industry events with Alix Perez, Archie Hamilton, Critical Music, Plastician, Melissa Taylor, Judy Griffith from fabric and many more. Last year also see the launch of Scartip’s very own label Red Face Recordings!

Today we premiere ‘Dopamine Tokens’ which you can check out below. The EP drops on Monday 17th April, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Dopamine Tokens cover

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