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Say hello to The Mighty DnB Network


Over the past few months, there’s been a rumble in the D&B world of a new social network for Junglists, D&B lovers, ravers, DJs and Producers! Well, say hi to The Mighty DnB Network brought to you by Noughty 90’s! Launched by Chew Dog, the founder of Noughty 90’s, the Mighty DnB Network has been steadily growing since launching in May of this year.

The idea came from hearing many producers & DJ’s frustrations of social media, with heavily restrictive organic reach which pretty much forces you to advertise if you want to get exposed, which is expensive. The idea of having a DnB community means that whoever is in the industry can connect with the right people and not have members personal lives i.e like family related posts etc being muddied up in the newsfeed. There are no restricting algorithms on the network meaning members fans will be much more likely to see their new content when posted, which is all people really want when showcasing their work etc. Also, I felt forums (as great as they are) are very 90s looking and with an outdated structure. Mighty DnB offers a more practical modern approach.– Chew Dog

The network is dedicated to getting music heard and building your presence and contacts. If you suffer from writers block there is a group where you can upload the music you’ve made so far and get feedback and help on finishing your tracks. Can’t find a track ID? There’s a group for that too! The network encourages support for one another.

The Mighty DnB Network is a great way to meet like-minded Junglists as a way of sharing ideas, getting production tips or just to say hi. I would recommend people joining the network to increase their PR and to learn from a wide range of experienced DJs and producers. – James ‘Section’ Barclay

If you’re curious about the app and want to check it out for yourself then click here