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Sandtone set to drop ‘Amethyst’ on Diagenetic Records


Sandtone, the talented Drum & Bass artist hailing from Salt Lake City, has announced the upcoming release of ‘Amethyst’ which drops on Friday 17th May. This eagerly anticipated single seamlessly blends Liquid Drum & Bass with the soulful infusion of guitar and keyboard elements, promising an unforgettable auditory experience across all major streaming platforms.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless sounds of 90s Drum & Bass, ‘Amethyst’ intertwines soulful melodies, velvety pads, natural ambience, and captivating rhythmic drum patterns. Adding an authentic dimension to the track’s atmospheric allure, Sandtone incorporates real guitar and keyboard performances.

Crafted to captivate both dedicated Drum & Bass aficionados and a wider audience, ‘Amethyst’ strikes a harmonious balance between dance floor dynamism and melodic allure, inviting listeners to both groove and immerse themselves in its rich sonic tapestry. This release serves as a testament to Sandtone’s ongoing exploration of Drum & Bass, particularly within the realm of liquid sub-genres fused with live instrumentation.

The release of ‘Amethyst’ is part of Sandtone’s larger initiative of monthly track releases, each showcasing a diverse spectrum of Drum & Bass styles. This consistent cadence underscores Sandtone’s unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier musical experiences within the genre.

Check out our premiere of ‘Amethyst’ below. You can grab yourself a copy from here!

Amethyst cover

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