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Samurai Breaks remixes Arnold & Lane ‘Walk Wit Me’


On 25th September 2020 Samurai Breaks will drop an energetic 170bpm spin of Arnold & Lane’s ‘Walk Wit Me’ on Elastic Rhythms.

Samurai Breaks has been a constant staple on Elastic Rhythms radar for some time now. He fearlessly contributes and shapes today’s ever-evolving sound of Jungle/Footwork/Juke music. He is a true futurist when it comes to re-imaging classic rave sounds. This enables him to create a unique forward-thinking direction with his experimental take on Jungle/Juke/Hardcore electronic Rave music. Sam has helped Elastic Rhythms form and influences their sonic pallet. Along with contributing in the development of their overall aesthetic with his extensive catalogue of binge-worthy Footwork/Jungle gems he’s accumulated under his belt.

The word ‘Samurai’ is an understatement! This ninja is easily one of the most versatile producers in the UK underground dance music scene as we know it. He’s seen previous music released on the likes of Off Me Nut Records, Plush Recordings, Fragmented Recordings and UK Jungle Records to name just a few.

Arnold & Lane is a collaborative house music duo based in Los Angeles. They have solidified themselves as one of the strongest newcomers in the house music realm. They’ve had releases on some of the most prominent labels such as; Dirtybird, Audiophile XXL, Country Club Disco, House Of Hustle, My Techno Weighs A Ton and more. A&L’s trademark sound never has boundaries. They constantly push the limits of house, tech, bassline, booty. The synthesis and creative reboot of all these timeless sounds set A&L apart from their peers.

Check out our premiere of Arnold & Lane ‘Walk With Me’ (Samurai Breaks Remix) below. Make sure you grab it from here