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Ruff DnB drop ‘Changes Remixes’ EP


Ruff DnB proudly announces the release of the ‘Changes Remixes’ EP today (Friday 3rd May). This eagerly awaited EP showcases three dynamic remixes of a track originally crafted by the esteemed duo Blue Frequency & Sorn, alongside the original mix that initiated this musical journey.

The EP commences with an enchanting remix by the acclaimed singer/songwriter/producer/DJ, E-Lisa, renowned for her innovative sound. Her rendition introduces a breathtaking vocal version that redefines the essence of the original track, offering listeners an unparalleled sonic voyage.

Following suit is Benny V‘s poignant mix, transcending conventional boundaries to evoke profound emotional depths. With captivating vibes that transport listeners to a euphoric realm, Benny V’s remix serves as a testament to his exceptional musical proficiency.

Uniques assumes control with the third remix, delivering a pulsating roller mix guaranteed to ignite dance floors and sustain momentum throughout the night. Uniques’ distinctive fusion of beats and rhythms generates an infectious energy that is simply irresistible.

Concluding the EP is the original mix by Blue Frequency & Sorn, serving as a homage to the inception of this remarkable musical collaboration.

This EP is poised to captivate Drum & Bass enthusiasts worldwide with its diverse range of sounds and unparalleled production quality. Prepare to immerse yourself in the future of Drum & Bass music with Ruff DnB.

Today we premiere Benny V’s remix of ‘Changes’ which you can check out below. The ‘Changes Remixes’ EP drops today, so bag yourself a copy from here!

Changes Remixes cover

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