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Rubricate Records drop ‘Radiation Radio’ VA LP


Rubricate Records has kicked it into high gear and are breaking through into the middle of 2021 with a level 9 magnitude VA compilation release called ‘Radiation Radio’. It features some of the most respected names in the business as well as the best in new faces on the scene.

This VA holds no less than 20 tracks of the most supreme compositions to come out of an African label on a Drum & Bass front. Featuring the likes of Melinki, Krispy, Stokka, Real Feels and Dopplershift as well as the holy grail of African sounds!

Today we premiere Crusty‘s contribution the the album which comes in the shape of ‘Champion’. Crusty is a Drum & Bass DJ and Producer who hails from Johannesburg, South Africa. He has performed at Science Frikshun, Addictshun, Sirensound, Rubricate, Reaction, Bass Culture, Churn, Crater Festival and is the co-founder and co-owner of Influence. He has performed alongside artists such as Rudeone, King Rat, Benson, Vito, Mr. Green, Mr. Mon, Adamski, Ambush, Menticide, DJ Shuga, Lucidia, Deeziak, Glock DNB, ALXR, Joe Ford and DLR.

He has also seen releases on Monk Audio twice now. Once with a collaboration alongside Dopplershift and the other time was a solo release with 2 tracks just last month. The future is looking bright for him, that’s for sure!

Rubricate Records already dropped their mammoth ‘Radiation Radio’ LP on Beatport as an exclusive, it will be available on all other platforms on 25th July!

Check out Crusty ‘Champion’ belo. Make sure you grab a copy of ‘Radiation Radio’ from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player.

Radiation Radio art


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