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RoyGreen & Protone drop ‘Far Outta Space’ EP on Demand Records


Everything must come to end at some point and here we are celebrating the last ever Demand Records release after 11 years of existence. They end their time sharing great music with us with one of Austria’s finest exports RoyGreen & Protone with their ‘Far Outta Space’ EP.

It couldn’t be anyone else really as the duo’s participation is bigger than anyone else on the label with 4 EPs and over 20 released songs.

Piano strokes greet us as we set off. Rolling drums enrich our ear holes and suddenly the fanfare kicks in. ‘Without A Light’, is without a doubt a perfect introduction to what’s to come.

We up the pace a notch. Hello funk, we missed you! Jazz, it’s great to hear you again and once the bass drops you know the drill. It’s RoyGreen & Protone in their quirkiest form and they take Monologue with them to create something unique that seems ‘Far Outta Space’.

We haven’t stopped stepping and in comes another boogey. To be precise the ‘Jungleboogey’. No further explanation is needed here really, it’s exactly what the name suggests. Its rawness and weight take us back in time to when Jungle and Drum & Bass were formed.

What makes a great EP? The answer will always be variety. After three rollers, they present us a stepper in ‘French Toast’. If there was ever any doubt about the differences, point to this corker of a track.

It’s with a great deal of sadness that we announce our last premiere with Demand Records, which comes in the shape of ‘Far Outta Space’. Check it out below. The EP drops this Friday 16th December, grab it from here!

We would like to thank Demand Records for the music over the years and wish everyone involved in the label all the luck in the world in their future endeavours!

Far Outta Space cover

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