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Rollout Records drop their new release ‘Rollout Remixed Vol.1’


Since its inception in April 2021, Rollout Records have consistently championed the deeper, darker, and more rolling facets of Drum & Bass. The label has welcomed fresh talent and identified rising stars, and now, as it approaches its 3rd anniversary, Rollout is ready for a change of pace. To commemorate this milestone, Rollout has invited some of its favourite artists to infuse their unique styles into selected tracks from its back catalogue to create ‘Rollout Remixed Vol.1’.

First in line is ZeroZero, a duo with a decade-long track record of crafting dark and deep basslines. Their remix of Mrk-One‘s ‘Jaded’, featuring Prez MC, showcases their signature gritty twist.

Next up is Dunk, the Brazilian maestro renowned for his expertise in deep minimal vibes. Rollout has admired Dunk’s work since his Jam Thieves days, and he continues to deliver impeccably clean minimal tunes. His contribution to Drelio‘s ‘Rave Tools’ promises to be a standout.

Minor Forms is also on the roster, recognized for his talent in rolling funk. With notable releases on labels like Sofa Sound and CIA, Minor Forms’ stripped-back, funky remix of Vex‘s ‘Selector’ is bound to impress.

Last but certainly not least, DIS:TURBED is a familiar name to the Rollout crew, having been involved in the label’s inaugural free download release. Since then, he has made significant strides, including the launch of his own label, Identity Records. It’s a fitting tribute to Rollout’s 3rd anniversary to have DIS:TURBED contribute his deep remix of Octavate‘s ‘Teeth N Lips’.

Today we premiere Dunk’s remix of Drelio’s ‘Rave Tools’ which you can check out below. Rollout Records drop ‘Rollout Remixed Vol.1’ on Friday 26th April grab a copy here!

Rollout Remixed Vol.1 cover

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