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Retronym drops new music on Holographic Audio


Retronym: a term (such as analog watch, film camera, or snail mail) that is newly created and adopted to distinguish the original or older version, form, or example of something (such as a product) from other, more recent versions, forms, or examples…

In this case, Retronym is an alias for an already established artist who wishes to keep their identity secret. I love things like this that get me guessing as to who it could possibly be.

Retronym has had past releases on the legendary DJ Hazard‘s label Radius Recordings and now joins Holographic Audio who are very happy to welcome the artist to the growing imprint! And it makes perfect sense for Holographic to recruit him as they aim to provide quality releases from both breaking and established artists. Retronym fits nicely into both categories!

He has been pretty quiet over the past years, but don’t be fooled by that! It simply means he’s had plenty of time in the studio, making more wicked music. Now he’s back with this absolute beast of a release ‘The Next World’ which we premiere today. Full of jungle vibes, wicked soundscapes and atmospherics, this is going to destroy dancefloors everywhere but probably just the ones in our kitchens…for now!

Check out Retronym ‘The Next World’ below. It drops on Holographic Audio on 19th June so grab a copy from here


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