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Renegade Riddims: Zammo


Introducing Zammo, a seasoned DJ with over 10 years in the industry, has made a name for himself from Brighton’s local scene to international stages, including a notable performance at Liquicity Festival.

His musical style blends deep, soulful elements that resonate with listeners. In 2021, Zammo hit the airwaves with an impressive guest mix on KissFM, showcasing his unique sound to a wider audience.

Currently, he’s putting the finishing touches on his second EP, set to drop later this year. Following the release of his debut EP, ‘Sunrise in Hatta’, back in January, this year is shaping up to be a memorable one for Zammo. Keep an ear out, because he’s just getting started!

Today Zammo joins our Renegade riddims series with a beautiful liquid mix, perfect for summer…when it finally shows its damn face here in the UK! The mix feature music from artists such as LSB, Calibre, Dawn Wall, Alix Perez, Loz Contreras & Macca, S.P.Y, Artificial Intelligence, Leniz, Zero T & Fierce, Phil Tangent, Mohican Sun and loads more!

Check out the mix below and download it for free here!


Sum up this mix in 10 words…

A constant transition of Warm, Soulful, Deep, Atmospheric, flowing rollers. 

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

Second Chance (Original Mix) – Spectrasoul 


What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

Personally, for me, the track selection is the special ingredient many tracks in this mix have inspired my production to date and feel it’s perfect now summer is here!  

Tell us about your next EP…

Really looking forward to this next EP, Pushing that deep and soulful sound that I love. I have a vocalist and a collaboration also featuring on this ep, which has helped elevate my sound and progression as an artist.  

What have you got coming up? 

Playing at the Sundayzed After Party Event in Brighton on the 15th of June hosted by Volks.

Always a massive vibe and buzzing to be part of this lineup for the second year running. 

When was the last time you actually raved?

 Technimatic – XOYO (Incredible night) a few months back. 

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

 Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has followed and supported my journey so far, I’m excited to see what is next. 


Dawn Wall – Nomad (Original Mix)

Geostatic – MYGRL

Centrik – Beloved (Phaction Remix)

RWB – Lost Intamacy

Bcee, S.P.Y – Is Anybody Out There? (The Vanguard Project Remix)

Monrroe – Faint Intention (Original Mix)

Spectrasoul – Second Chance (Original Mix)

Ed:it – Can’t Stop Thinking (Original Mix)

Furney – El Masnou (Original Mix)

Commix – Be True (Original Mix)

Alix Perez – Contradictions (Original Mix)

Gerra & Stone – Sprung (Original Mix)

Rueben – Apathy (Original Mix)

Dynamic, Command Strange – Nirvana (Original Mix)

Seba, Aperio – Metropolis (Seba Remix)

Konichi – Visions (Original Mix)

Artificial Intelligence – Say Now (Original Mix)

LSB – Destine (Original Mix)

Loz Contreras, Macca – Always Yours (Original Mix)

S.P.Y – Sleepy Hollow (Original Mix)

Artificial Intelligence – Sicario (Original Mix)

Tyrone – Lunar City (Original Mix)

Malaky – Time Out (Original Mix)

Pixel, Humannature – Despondent (Original Mix)

Black Barrel – Arna’s Song (Original Mix)

Leniz – Choices (HumanNature Remix)

Motiv – Plink (Shimah Remix)

Alb – My Time (Original Mix)

Moniks – Fly Away

Perspective Shift – Don’t Deserve (Original Mix)

Eastcolors – Toys (Original Mix)

SpectraSoul – Alibi (Original Mix)

Subrix – Shine (Remix)

Zero T, Fierce – In Circles (Original Mix)

Stimpy – Weekdays (Original Mix)

Majestim – Nothing Left (Original Mix)

CPH, Jay Dubz – Arcane Worlds (Original Mix)

Dub Motion – Mercury (Original Mix)

Mystic State, Deviant – Things You Do

Tatora – Nightmares (Original Mix)

Alix Perez – Slink (Original Mix)

Hyroglifics – If I Could (Original Mix)

Shibumi – Signs (Original Mix)

Phil Tangent – Illuminate (Original Mix)

Promenade – Scroll Down (Ripple Remix)

Chrizz0r, Edlan – Antiquity (Original Mix)

Bert H – Aadwark (Original Mix)

Imba, Alexvnder – Absolution (Original Mix)

Hiraeth – Nightglow (Original Mix)

Mohican Sun – Providence (Original Mix)

Smote – Born Suicide (Original Mix)

LSB – Find a Way (Original Mix)

Tokyo Prose – Tell Me (Original Mix)

Calibre – Complain (Original Mix)

Bank, Cnof – Solstice (Original Mix)

Peven Everett, Alix Perez, Spectrasoul – Forsaken (Original Mix)

Calibre – Got A Thing (Original Mix)

LSB – Leave (Original Mix)

Alb – Epoch (Original Mix)

Technimatic – Departure (Original Mix)


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