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DT DNB Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Winslow


Duncan Winslow aka Winslow isn’t your typical Drum & Bass artist, for several reasons. First of all, he’s based in St. Louis, Missouri, out in the American Midwest. This is an area of the world more known for its wide-open spaces than its Drum & Bass.

Winslow is also unique in that you might know him, not from his music but his Youtube channel. It’s here that he uploads a litany of detailed, Drum & Bass orientated learning resources focused on understanding the ‘why’ of production, not the ‘how’. (Subscribe here)

Winslow: Track Breakdown: Better Nate Than Lever [CODE RECORDINGS]

Whilst his Youtube channel is where the recognition started, he’s begun to pick up steam in the doing of music, rather than the showing. With a single released earlier this year on Mitekiss and Mr Porter’s Goldfat Records and a track on the recent Beats In Mind: Headsbass Various Artists album. Duncan is consistently proving to us that his distance from the usual 174bpm hunting grounds can help create a uniqueness, an individuality.

With releases racking up on labels like Delight DNB, Ledge Sounds, UKF and more, live streams and mixes being recorded left, right and centre, it’s clear to see that Winslow is making moves…rapidly!

Now he lands on DT with a fresh new mix of great music for our Renegade Riddims series. This is filled with dancefloor and liquid vibes from start to finish. Great track selections which blend superbly together and with a little surprise thrown in, in the second half.

Check it out below and download it from here


  1. Redeyes – Glowin’ (Club Mix)
  2. Askel & Elere – Groke
  3. S.P.Y – Slum Dub
  4. Bungle – Runaway
  5. ST Files & Calibre – Falling Down
  6. Workforce – Love Gone
  7. Shibumi & Hajimari – Morningstar
  8. FD – Lie To You (Instrumental)
  9. PIN, Mitekiss – Walk Into The Sun (Mitekiss Remix)
  10. Winslow – ID
  11. PRSPKTV – Love Drops
  12. London Elektricity – Fast Soul Music
  13. Blacklab – Columbia
  14. Submorphics – Return to the Source
  15. Winslow – ID
  16. Anile – Not the Way (To Run) [feat. Taelimb & Tiffani Juno]
  17. LSB – If You’re Here (Luke’s Tangerine Dreaming VIP)
  18. Winslow – ID
  19. PRSPKTV – Run To You
  20. Dawn Wall – Devil’s Night
  21. Stray – Queen
  22. Lenzman – Grateful (feat. DRS) (Original Mix)
  23. Calibre – Let Me Hold You (2019 Remaster)
  24. Redeyes – Lust
  25. Nu:Logic – Everlasting Days (feat. Lifford) (VIP)
  26. Calibre – Crazy For You
  27. SpectraSoul – How We Live
  28. Anile – City of Injustice (feat. DRS)
  29. Marcus Intalex & ST Files – Lose Control (2020 Remaster)
  30. Winslow – ID

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