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Renegade Riddims: S.U.R.E.


Introducing S.U.R.E. – an electrifying musical entity and conceptual endeavour that channels the pulsating energy of the 1990s UK rave scene, reimagined for today’s electronic music landscape.

With a fusion of contemporary innovation and nostalgic reverence, this dynamic duo has swiftly garnered acclaim for their inventive compositions and captivating performances. Their mission? To encapsulate the essence of the rave era while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of modern electronic soundscapes.

Their sonic offerings evoke a sense of déjà vu, transporting listeners back to the euphoric ambience of yesteryear while infusing it with a contemporary edge. S.U.R.E. pays homage to the foundational elements of rave culture while injecting their own distinctive flair, resulting in a seamless synthesis of past and present.

Witnessing S.U.R.E. live is an immersive journey, where each pulsating beat and resonant melody serves as a portal to a realm where time stands still and euphoria reigns supreme. Their performances transcend mere entertainment, offering a transformative experience that resonates deeply with audiences.

For those yearning to relive the glory days of 90s rave culture with a contemporary twist, S.U.R.E. stands as a beacon of authenticity and innovation. Prepare to be transported on a sonic odyssey unlike any other, where the echoes of the past converge with the possibilities of the future.

I’m really excited to bring S.U.R.E. to our Renegade Riddims series. they’ve created a banging new mix featuring a lot of old skool jungle from artists such as Rebel MC, Lennie De Ice, Renegade, Deep Blue, Goldie, Dillinja, Top Cat and more. They’ve thrown in some of their own edits and unreleased material for good measure! I reckon these guys have a big future ahead of them and I’m here for it…old skool and rave music will never die!!

Check out the mix below and download it for free here!


Sum up this mix in 10 words…

A tribute to the foundations and future of jungle music

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

The Ratpack – Searchin’ for my Rizla – it’s a quintessential 90s rave track; its infectious ragga energy and breakbeats perfectly captures early jungle’s rhythm and bass-heavy sound, and remains a staple in the genre’s legacy.

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

We hope our admiration and respect for the genre shines through and if anything else it’ll be great to dance to. Plus it includes some unreleased S.U.R.E. dubs!

Tell us about your next EP…

Our next EP is a release of our track “Here We Go Again” coming out on OZO Records. It’s a proper 90s throwback 4×4 rave stomper of a tune. Classic chops and breakbeats which’ll hopefully take you back to that era of dance music.

What have you got coming up?

In addition to the EP we also recently launched our label and studio in Shoreditch called Matter of Time.  

When was the last time you actually raved?

Our last proper rave together would’ve been towards the end of last year at The Warehouse Project in Manchester – killer lineup and plenty of dancing until the early hours.

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

To quote the great Goldie; “If you’re gonna be good at something, be good at it. No matter what it is”


1. Ganja Kru – Super Sharp Shooter (S.U.R.E. Edit)

2. The Ratpack – Searchin’ for my Rizla

3. Rebel MC – Tribal Bass (Original Foundation Mix)

4. A Guy Called Gerald – Got a Feeloing

5. Lennie De Ice – We Are I.E.

6. 3rd Party – Be Fee

7. A Guy Called Gerald – 28 Gun Bad Boy

8. Renegade – Terrorist

9. Rufige Kru – Ghosts of my Life

10. Dillinja – Sovereign Melody

11. Roni Size – All the Crew Big Up

12. Deep Blue – The Helicopter Tune

13. Farsight – French Ambassador

14. M-Beat – Incredible (feat General Levy)

15. Goldie & Metalheadz – Terminator

16. Urban Shakedown – Some Justice ’95 (Arsonist Dub Mix)

17. Dunman – Morning After Dark (S.U.R.E. Footwork After Dark Remix)

18. Dillinja – Sovereign Melody VIP

19. S.U.R.E. – ID

20. Bay B Kane – Ram Up a Dance (feat Asher D & Daddy Freddy)

21. Farsight – John Wayne Jawn

22. Top Cat – Bunn the Sensi (Dub Hustlers Remix)

23. Double 99 & Fixate – Ripgroove

24. Special Request – Spectral Frequency

25. Cutty Ranks – Limb by Limb (DJ SS Remix)

26. Origin Unknown – Valley of the Shadows

27. S.U.R.E. – ID


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