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DT DNB Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Paul HG


Paul HG began his musical journey from a very young age, attending a private Choir School and qualifying to sing in the Cathedral school Choir. This gave Paul the opportunity to travel and sing in some of the most beautiful churches and cathedrals in the UK including St Paul’s in London.

Paul HG got his passion for music, learning various musical instruments and acquiring his Royal Academy of Music Grades at an early age. This in turn developed into a passion for all things music.

As a teen in the 1990’s Paul found House Music where he was introduced to the club scene and attended Back to Basics parties in Leeds, introduced by his brother Boogie Dave. Through attending these party’s Paul quickly started making contacts with the likes of Greame Park and Dave Beer.

In late 2010 Paul HG focused his attentions on to Drum & Bass music and digital production. He has spent time travelling with top DJ’s and artists to gain an in-depth knowledge of the whole music industry. 

One of his achievements was to help host the Moat Stage at Outlook Festival in 2012 for Audio Warfare.

Alongside this, Paul has been working hard studying at university, gaining the academic knowledge to run alongside his musical talent. After a lot of hard work and determination, Paul has gained a BA (Hons) Music production and technology.

Paul HG has been producing digital music for over 10 years and having the opportunity to learn through his mentor,  DJ Steppa from Northern Lights/ Audio Warfare and Gaz Kitcha (Del 30) /Northern Lights. learning from these guys gave Paul the chance to observe all aspects of the music scene and this enabled Paul to begin producing and DJ’ing Drum & Bass music.

More recently Paul has been releasing house music on some very good record labels Bosh Recordings, Blackboard, Certified Jackin and Defenition Audio and has also been receiving some great support from Dan Mckie from 1980 Recordings. Paul also spent the summer of 2019 DJing in Ibiza at In The Know and Griffs Gaff and has been attending conferences to network with like minded people within the industry.

Paul has been building up his different brands and has developed two successful online radio shows ‘Eye to Eye Radio’ which focuses on Drum & Bass and ‘Jake-Tech / Paul HG & Friends’.

Paul HG and his DJ partner Jake-Tech have been booking some very big names in the House scene. 

Paul has a passion to create good quality music, keeping a fresh sound to entertain listeners and bring the vibe in any venue.

There’s plenty more than meets the Eye with Paul HG and there are lots more projects to come in the future. 

Check out Paul HG’s Renegade Riddims mix below. This has got a great tracklist, the mix is really good and full of fire!! Don’t forget you can download it for free here


Break & MC GQ – Whispers in my Ear (Break Remix)

ABLE – Kill The Rich

Instag8 – Reasons (Original Mix)

Retrograde – Telepath 

Levela – Barnacles (Original Mix)

ALR & Cramz – Run Tings

Objectiv Masked – Message 

Phentix & Wings – Fragment (Original Mix)

Felix Raymon & Ophobot – Hollow (Original Mix)

Upgrade – First Request (Original Mix)

Medium & Ben Shaw – Screw Up 

Total Science / Break – Dog’s Dinner (Mefjus Remix)

ALR & Dial – Feel That Way 

Jarring & Klimate – Gangster

Bookey – I Needed You

Pengo – Season

Molecular – The Original 

DLR, Script & Fokus – Perception (Terrence & Phillip Remix)

Break & DLR – City Slickers (Skeptical Remix)