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Renegade Riddims: O/MEGA


Meet O/MEGA, a versatile and dynamic Drum & Bass artist hailing from Essex, United Kingdom. While many may recognize him as one half of the popular duo Premonition, Laurence steps into a slightly different musical realm under his solo alias O/MEGA. With a diverse repertoire that includes free downloads, bootlegs, and captivating paid singles, O/MEGA’s signature sound is swiftly establishing itself as a staple in the playlists of music enthusiasts worldwide.

O/MEGA’s journey in music production and his ever-evolving solo career are on a remarkable trajectory. He is not just a rising star but also a well-grounded artist with a firm footing in the ever-evolving Drum & Bass landscape. Expect to encounter O/MEGA more frequently at nights out, where his beats are bound to set dance floors ablaze. Furthermore, you’ll find his releases on Phase Records DNB, a record label that O/MEGA proudly calls home. It’s with Phase Records DNB that he unleashes his creative prowess and musical ingenuity, continuing to redefine the boundaries of Drum & Bass.

What sets O/MEGA apart is his commitment to delivering big, resonating drums, coupled with intricate sound design that defies convention. His clear mission is to electrify the club atmosphere, sending reverberations through the speakers and making dance floors come alive. As a unique and forward-thinking producer, O/MEGA is unquestionably an artist to watch out for.

With a passion for pushing the boundaries of electronic music, O/MEGA’s journey promises to be a captivating one, and his distinctive sound is poised to make a lasting impact on the world of Drum & Bass. Keep an ear to the ground, as O/MEGA is a name that’s destined to resonate through the beats and rhythms of the global music scene.

Today O/MEGA joins our Renegade Riddims series with a brand new, exclusive mix that will get you excited for a night out or soundtrack your next gym sesh! The mix features music from himself, as well as Noisia, Scurrow, Leks, Kevala, Culture Shock, Enei, A.M.C, Xyde & Gifta, Grafix, Dimension and loads more!

Check out the mix below and download it for free here!


O/MEGA artwork

Sum up this mix in 10 words…

This is a mashup of underground dirt and dancefloor favourites. 

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

My favourite track is Scurrow – Episteme. 

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

The special ingredient is my passion for mixing tracks from different subgenres.

Tell us about your next EP…

My next EP isn’t signed yet but is with some labels so I can’t expand on that sorry.

What have you got coming up? 

Got some gigs coming up across London and Bristol (where else lol?) and have some free downloads and bootlegs ready for my SoundCloud gang.

When was the last time you actually raved?

The last time at a rave was at DnB Allstars Gunnersbury Park.

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

Keep Drum & Bass how it should be which is FOR EVERYONE.

I hope you enjoy the mix as much as I did doing it.


Result – Spasm

Noisia – Anomaly (Annix remix)

Calyx – Tempest

Enei – Calm

Liveon – Woodpecker


Koherent – Bleep Test

Enei – Acid Shot

Wallhack – Stoke 

O/MEGA – Stay

Leks – Teh

Dimension – Offender (Grafix & Dimension remix)

Ankou – Tranquilizer

Enei – The Hammer

Alakazam – Umbra

Ground – Blueprints

Notequal – Traktion

Synergy – White Lines


S.P.Y & Kasra – Surface (Levels Remix)

MISSIN – Ротација

Ripple – Talking

Particle – Business Techno

Kevela – Disjointed

Mofes – Carnage

Pristage – Gear

Dimension – Hatred

Icicle – Nostalgia (Workforce remix)

Albees – Dive

Shaun & Cruk – Sentry

O/MEGA – Release

Notequal – Disparate


Annix & Fade Black – Dismantle

Canopy – Strobe (Gyrofield Remix)

Pola & Bryson – Tell You What I Did

A.way – Irresistible 

reward – Push It


Scurrow – Episteme 

A.way – Equilibrium 

MISFIT – Be Mine

Mefjus & Phase – Bubble

GMG – Light Of Destiny

Culture Shock – Get Physical

O/MEGA – There Is No Tomorrow 

Scurrow – Mono

Notequal – Move your Feet

Grafix – Half Life

Xyde & Gifta – I.D

Frannabik – Keep Em

High Maintenance – Party Every Day

Rene LaVice – Poke the Bear

A.M.C -Bass (Teddy Killerz Remix)

Enei – Ripped Face

Xyde – I.D

Notequal – Upsurge

Dapreme – I.D


Xyde – Supercharged

Annix – Caesium

O/MEGA & Dapreme – I.D


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