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DT DNB Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Nooch


Originally hailing from Portsmouth, Drum & Bass DJ and Producer Jack Kelly aka Nooch first found his fingers on the decks at the ripe age of eight. Since then he has built up his shelf of abilities over the past 17 years, including the founding of his Drum & Bass label Ransaked Records in 2014.

With his background firmly in music, it comes at no surprise that Nooch is a natural performer. He has worked hard on signature sounds for his productions and has remarkable scratching skills (which comes from over a decade of practice) and tantalizing energy found firmly in every single one of his performances. The hard-hitting, bass-heavy mixes that he delivers are accompanied by his own naughty numbers, with his productions garnering attention in the UK and overseas festivals from Boomtown to Hospitality on the Beach.

Not limited in his experience, Nooch also won numerous competitions, including winning the main stage performance at Tearout Festival and coming in at second for Portsmouth’s Top 10 DJs in 2017. Nooch is not one to miss as he continuously covers the crowd in his spirit and magnetism, playing at festivals and radio shows all around the UK and Europe.

Now residing in Bristol his journey is only expanding, with support on his releases from labels such as Onyx Recordings. His personal flair and style is prominent in his work and represents the smashing, hard-hitting signature Ransaked sound. His creative abilities are joined equally by his hard work and passion, with his last two releases ‘Rhino’ and ‘In for the Kill’ blasting out into the scene, the multi-talented DJ and producer will coax you in with his powerful gift.

We’re happy to be sharing Nooch’s Renegade Riddims mix with you today. As you might expect, this is a high-energy mix with some absolutely banging deep and moody tracks.

Check it out below and download it here


Rizzle – Placid (Forthcoming Overview)
Resslek – Normo
DLR x Script – Perception (Illament Remix)
Benji Rbm – In Again (Forthcoming
Exept – The Cube
Rise – Survival Tactics
Rizzle – Essence (Forthcoming Overview)
Objectiv x Jappa x XAV – Wicked and Bad
Jabaru – The Clown (Forthcoming Ransaked)
Aphotic Frequencies – No Voices
Nooch – Alien (DUB)
Killer Transmission Feat TRAC (Alibi Remix)
Teej x Dunk – The Original (DUB)
Molecular – You Know
Lupo – Solitude
Oxytocin – Swing it (Forthcoming Ransaked)
Benji RBM – Devil Eyes (Forthcoming Ransaked)
Nooch – Rhino
Agro – Don’t Step (Forthcoming Murky)
Nooch – Delusion
Agro – The Dirty South (Guzi Remix) (Forthcoming Murky)
Vital – Listen
GLM x Toby – Ting
Oram – Original Sound
Stoyley – MF Dub (Forthcoming Ransaked)
Formz & ARTC.L – Kettle Dub (Forthcoming Ransaked)
Stillz & Stoyley – How We Do It (DUB)
Mr Longhandz – Low Down
Nooch – Paka Punch (DUB)
Molecular – Come Again
Dunk x Nooch – Fatal Error (Forthcoming Ransaked)
Waeys – Objection
Lupo – Rude
Waeys x Hadley x Creatures – Fearless
Yatuza x Fanatics – Atroden
Rise – Feline (DUB)
Nooch – In For The Kill (Bootleg)
OCC – Pipe Dream Feat Trakker
Mr Longhandz – Afterlif


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