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DT DNB Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Moisinn


Next up on our Renegade Riddims series we have Moisinn. Moisinn is a rural midlands Drum and Bass DJ and Producer who is passionate about delivering sounds to your ears which you never knew you loved.

As a teenager Moisinn loved to browse music that nobody he knew listened to, in the bid to be unique when he found Drum & Bass.

Encapsuled by the tempo, rhythm and somewhat electrifying sounds of this niche genre he took to learning how he could create his own sound, putting in the bits he felt that other producers “missed out” and his production journey budded from here.

After reaching the age of 18, Moisinn took to the clubs to experience the full spectrum of the genre and the experiences that came with it. The following years were the deciding factor to what set his heart and soul on fire. Drum & Bass!

We’ve been talking on social media for quite some time and have been keenly following his progression. The tracks he’s been putting out lately have been nothing short of exceptional. He actively seeks to better himself, whether that means honing and crafting his DJ and Production skills or getting down to the nitty gritty with pushing his social presence. He’s not scared to try new things and step out of his comfort zone, which will, no doubt, propel his career to the next level! He regularly streams sets on Twitch so make sure you check him out and give him a follow here. Get your eyes and ears on Moisinn!!!

Check out Moisinn’s Renegade Riddims mix below. It contains music form the likes of himself, Alibi, You, Tantrum Desire, Teddy Killerz, Dossa & Locuzzed and loads more! The mix is available as a free download via the button beneath the Soundcloud player!


Directions – Alibi
The Alley – Alibi & DJ Andy
Higher – BOU & Current Value
The Breed – Command Strange & L-Side
Drop It Down Low – L 33
Till Dawn – ShockOne
Airhead – Tantrum Desire
Xtraterrestrial – Tantrum Desire
Slap The Ghost – Misanthrop & Synergy
The Mind Of Babylon – Nothing Personal
Mountain Path – Moisinn
Frightmare – Teddy Killerz
Landing Capsule – Teddy Killerz
Rockin’ – The Martens
Poisioned – TR Tactics
Between Planes – Toronto Is Broken & Amy Kirkpatrik
Catwoman – BOU
Abyss – Watch The Ride
Crush – Dossa & Locuzzed
Shag – Dossa & Locuzzed
Tha Bird – Dossa & Locuzzed feat. DJ Marky
Every Day (Netsky VIP) – Rusko


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